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Fusing Science, Medicine, Technology and Sport Communities

FITS Toronto is a company that Builds Better ATHLETES through passion, execution and innovation. We consider you an ATHLETE if you have a body and wish to lead an active healthy lifestyle. You demand a high quality of life and are willing to work to achieve this goal.

Dr. Thomas Lam DC, BPHE, CSCS, CK, ART
President & Director of Sports Science
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Dr. Jan Wu DC
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Clarissa Wang RPT, MScPT, BSc.Kin
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David Speciale BHK, CSCS
Athletic Development
Hockey Development Specialist

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Adam Shoff
Hockey Development

Thomas Dehod
Athletic Development

Ray Lau
Athletic Development

Brandon Chang
Athletic Development

Christina Motruk
Office Manager

Service List

Injury Management

Massage Therapy
Medical Acupuncture

Specialty Programs For:

  • Running Injuries (Stress Fractures, ITB, PFP, MTSS, Screen and Program)
  • Jumper’s Knee and Osgoode Schlatter’s Program
  • ACL-R Return to Sport Rehab
  • THE SPORTS TRIAD (Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI), Hip Flexor / Hip Adductor / Lower Abdominal Strain, Low Back Pain and Groin / Hip Pain)
  • The Patellofemoral Pain Solution
  • The Athletes Shoulder for Overhead Athletes (Baseball, Volleyball)
  • Hamstring Tears
  • Low Back Pain (Training and Rotation Sports)
  • Climbing Injuries

Athletic Development

  1. PLIP Program for all athletes aged 8 – 14 / 16 to develop Physical Literacy or motor control to prevent injuries and to enhance sport performance. Note the completion of the PLIP System is required to enter FLIGHT SCHOOL
  2. FLIGHT SCHOOL Building on the PLIP Program for athletes that aspire to achieve their full potential this program develops power, speed, and athleticism necessary to compete at the highest levels.
  3. FLIGHT SCHOOL ELITE For Professional Athletes.

Championship Habit:

  • Mindset and Goal Setting Development
  • Nutrition and Sport Supplementation
  • Deadly Kryptonite Management
  • Resilience – How an athlete manages failure
  • Character Development


  • Nutrition and Sport Supplementation
  • Sleep and wellbeing evaluations
  • Movement ease and fluidity
  • Tissue pliability, health, and symptoms
  • Training Readiness Monitoring – based on sensor based monitoring – such as force plate data, velocity, and reactiveness.

While You Wait Program

Don’t Wait. Get Stronger. Get Treated. Get Healthier.

Sports Science

For Team, PSO, NSF

  • Game analysis – statistics, flow, position,
  • sport specific strengths and weaknesses
  • Skill analysis (by sport specific skill development experts)
  • FITS Metrics and Integrated Custom Flight School Programming
  • Performance GAP Analysis

SPORTS Medicine Specializing in Return to Sport and Injury Management

Our sport medicine approach is seeded in developing motor control to handle the forces that occur in sport, life, and at work. By seamlessly integrating therapy, research, data, and clinical experience we return athletes to sport while concurrently preventing injuries.

Injuries happen. Managing the full Return to Sport requires sport expertise, clinical sport experience, biomechanical evaluations, technology, the right facility, and a team based approach. While the athlete is rehabbing there are athletic development qualities that can be further developed. For example, a lower body injury is not a contraindication for upper and “core” training. At FITS we always consider injury prevention, identifying the cause of a problem and athletic development.

For the everyday person experiencing common musculoskeletal pain we can help with:

  • Low Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder and Upper Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Trouble getting up a flight of stairs
  • Knee Pain
  • Arthritic Pain
  • Concerns about slips and falls
  • Elbow, Wrist and Finger Pain
  • Foot, Ankle and Heel Pain
  • Running Injuries (Stress Fractures, ITB, PFP, MTSS, Screen and Program)
  • Jumper’s Knee and Osgoode Schlatter’s Program
  • ACL-R Return to Sport Rehab
  • THE SPORTS TRIAD (Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI), Hip Flexor / Hip Adductor / Lower Abdominal Strain, Low Back Pain and Groin / Hip Pain)
  • The Patellofemoral Pain Solution
  • The Athletes Shoulder for Overhead Athletes (Baseball, Volleyball)
  • Hamstring Tears
  • Low Back Pain (Training and Rotation Sports)
  • Climbing Injuries
  • Stress Fractures / Shin Splits / Compartment Syndromes
  • Low Back Pain (Disk, Facet, Lifting, Sport Related)
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Foot Injuries (Plantar Fasciitis, Cuboid)
  • Tendinopathies (Patellar, Long Head of Bicep, Adductor, Achilles, Hamstring, Lateral epicondyle)
  • Ligament Ruptures (ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL)
  • Knee Injuries
  • Shoulder Injuries (Impingement, Tendinopathy)
  • Contusions
  • Concussion Management
  • Neck Pain

Special Biomechanical Analysis for RETURN TO SPORT

  • Isometric Dynamometry to evaluate isolated muscle force generating capabilities;
  • Force Plate Analysis for over 100+ metrics to evaluate force generating capabilities and force symmetry during sport movements;
  • Hop and Jump Analysis
  • Full Motion Capture & Analysis to evaluate system motor control for symptom aggravation and injury risk
  • Acceleration Analysis
  • Strength and Force Generating Capabilities
  • COD Analysis**

Key Features:

  • Early injury detection
  • Injury Prevention Strategies based on clinic experience
  • In house referrals to expert sport clinicians
  • Return to Play Metrics based on understanding sport demands and the use of advanced technology and protocols
  • Team communication and integrated services
  • Industry leading medical communication with coaches, athletes and parents
  • Fast referrals for advanced diagnostic tests, imaging and orthopedic surgical consultation

The Sport Triad

The Jumper’s Knee Project

The Athlete’s Shoulder

ACL Return to Sport and Injury Prevention Program

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Key Features of our Integrated Sport Science Services

The Athlete Development System

The Athlete Development System is built on three levels. Level 1 is The PLIP Program, Level 2 is FLIGHT SCHOOL, and Level 3 is ELITE FLIGHT SCHOOL. Each level is comprised of standards that must be achieved to move to the next level. Each level is well supported with our electronic GUIDES complete with video, exercise instructions and key concepts, feedback technology, our FITS METRICS Reporting System, and our team of Athletic Development Specialists and Sport Scientists. Furthermore, we have Integrated Support Team to analyze the data, manage injuries, and to aid in recovery and regeneration. Our approach is built on the following key principles:

  1. Speed Kills and Everyone CAN Get FASTER
  2. Teach, Learn, Support, and Cultivate – 1 Step at a Time
  3. Elite Athleticism is about using force more so than producing force
  4. Land to Explode and the Importance of Ground Contact Interaction
  5. General to Specific
  6. Variability is Essential for Resilience
  7. Stacking Marginal Gains but focus on the Big Rocks
  8. Systems over Dogma / Tradition = Evidence Driven Approach
  9. Consistency Wins
  10. Habits over Vices


  • FITS Metrics – The Numbers of Injury Prevention and Performance
  • The Complete Athlete Management System – understanding the athletes schedule, injuries, wellness, training status, and training readiness.
  • Athletic Development Guides via our TEAM BUILDR APP – Complete with videos, instructions, and key concepts.
  • Long Term Athletic Development Focus
  • World Class Facilities and Technology
  • Recovery and Regeneration Knowledge Services
  • Injury Prevention Strategies built on developing physical literacy (PLIP Program)
  • Remote program support

Sports We Work With: 

  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball and Beach Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Alpine Ski Racing
  • Rowing
  • Swimming
  • Figure Skating
  • Wrestling
  • Track and Field
  • Olympic Sports and Many Others

Image 1: The Athlete Development System. Level 1: PLIP Program. Level 2: FLIGHT SCHOOL. Level 3: ELITE FLIGHT SCHOOL (not pictured). Note the support services – FITS METRICS, Return to Sport Metrics, Athlete RESTORE.

Who We’ve Worked With

  • Athletics Canada
  • Athletics Ontario
  • Alpine Ontario
  • Basketball Ontario
  • Ontario Volleyball Association
  • Toronto Argonaughts
  • Beach Volleyball Canada
  • Wrestling Canada
  • Canadian Centres of Sport Ontario
  • Baseline Sports
  • Ontario Roller Hockey
  • Rugby Ontario
  • Rugby Canada
  • University of Toronto (Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball)
  • Scarborough Titans Volleyball Club
  • Toronto Titans
  • Maccabi Canada
  • Canadian Futbol Academy
  • PHASE 1 Basketball
  • National Prep School Athletic Association
  • PEAC School
  • The Rock Sports Academy
  • Ontario Lacrosse
  • Leaside Volleyball Club
  • Aaron Best, Ryerson                      – Natalie Achonwa (Fever, WNBA)
  • Agunwa Okolie                             – Alisha Tatham
  • Andrew Nembhard                       -Tamara Tatham
  • Andrew Nicholson                        – Natalie Achonwa
  • Anthony Bennett                           – Kadie Riverin
  • Brandon John                                – Stephany Skrba
  • Chris Egi                                        – Wumi Agunbiade
  • Cy Samuels                                    – Chenel Harris
  • Dominic Lewis                               – Shanice McCoy
  • Duane Notice                                – Kayla Grossett
  • Dwight Powell                               – Noelle Zletni
  • Dyshawn Pierre                             – Maddie Stephen
  • Ian Lee                                          – Karly Roser
  • Isaiah Watkins                              – Samantha Hill
  • Jasonn Hannibal                           – Kate Hill
  • Jermaine Anderson                       – Dakota Whyte
  • Jevohn Shepherd                           – MacKenzie Sigurdson
  • John Alexander                              – Lindsay Shotbolt
  • Kadim Green                                  – Chloe Levy
  • Kalif Young                                     – Mariah Nunes
  • Kassius Roberston                          – Teleshia Riley
  • Kaylan Anderson                            – Sophia Paskas
  • Khem Birch                                     – Shay Colley
  • Keaton Kole                                    – Cassandra Edwards
  • Kevin Blake                                     – Cheyanne Roger
  • Kevin Massiah                                – Lindsay Panchan
  • Kevin Pangos                                 – Sade Iriah
  • Kobe Lam                                       – Kianna Delas
  • Kyle Johnson
  • Lindell Wigginton
  • Malcolm Duvivier
  • Marcus Carr
  • Matthew Atewe
  • MiKyle McIntosh
  • Montaque Gill-Caesar
  • Negus Webster Chan
  • Nic Yantzi
  • Nicheil Alexander-Walker
  • Nick Lewis
  • Nick Stauskas
  • Noah Kirkwood
  • O’Shae Brissett
  • Olu Famutimi
  • Patrick Tatham
  • Rans Brempong
  • Ricardo Barbosa
  • Ryan Bennett
  • Sim Bhullar
  • Stefan Jankovic
  • Stefan Nastic
  • Tanveer Bhullar
  • Taylor Johnson
  • Tidgan Keita
  • Troy Reid-Knight
  • Troy Caupain
  • Tyler Plummer
  • Tyrone Mathias
  • Tristan Martin
  • Ali Woolley                           – Ben Saxton
  • Ali Shamie                            – Brett Hagarty
  • Alex Poletto                          – Christian Redmann
  • Brianna Goldring                  – Felipe Humana-Paredes
  • Caleigh Cruickshank             – Josh Binstock
  • Chiara Da Silva                     – Sam Schachter
  • Gabi Maciagowski                – Terrell Bramwell
  • Heather Sigurdson
  • Jill Elsenhauer
  • Jordan Neely
  • Kayla Ng
  • Kristina Alabastro
  • Marie-Christine Lapointe
  • Marissa Chin
  • Megan Nagy
  • Melisa Humana-Paredes
  • Octavia Wong
  • Tia Miric
  • Adam Timleck
  • Cam Morrison
  • Chris Lawrence
  • Daniel Aspro
  • Daniel Stratis
  • Graham Knott
  • Jake Payette
  • Jonathan Yantsis
  • Kobe Desmond
  • Kristian Hufsky
  • Noah Battaglia
  • Peter Stratis
  • Travis Barron
  • Victor Mete

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The Physical Literacy and Injury Prevention Program

The PLIP Program is turn-key system to help you, a team or organization develop physical literacy, prevent injuries, and improve sport performance. This system takes athletes through 8 units, where there are 3 levels per unit – all supported by FITS Metrics, “The Athlete Development Guide”, Website Support and the Team Buildr App.

The Complete Program to Develop Physical Literacy to help develop life skill to lead an active healthy lifestyle.

  • Fun and the development of skills to lead an active healthy lifestyle.

  • Fewer injuries.

  • PLIP Homework – Athletes will know what they can work on to become a “PLIP HERO” complete with full support.

  • Improved Athletic Performance and Motor Control.

  • Improved Self-Discipline and Self-Confidence.

  • Faster recovery from injuries.

PLIP Standards Framework. Our Physical Literacy and Injury Prevention Standards have been organized into 8 units, 3 levels per each unit for over 50 unique movement development qualities. The PLIP System helps each athlete achieve all movement development qualities through complete program support and homework.

We are what we measure. Track and Motivate. One of the most powerful methods to Build Better Athletes is accountability, a clear path to achievable results, and tracking. That’s why we’ve created the PLIP Report and all supporting documents. Athletes that complete all PLIP Challenges are awarded the PLIP HERO Status. Along the way to PLIP HERO status we have fun milestones and status updates to keep athletes motivated.

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FITS is the culmination of Equipment, Facilities, Expertise, Data, Technology, a Knowledge Driven Culture, an Athlete-Centered Approach, and Results. Most importantly FITS is successful because of #FITSFAM

Instrumented Track

12 Olympic Platforms with 5 Full Video Feedback Systems

Sport Science Technology

  • Human performance lab
  • Instrumented 35M track
  • 2 storey plyometric staircase
  • 8 biofeedback coaching systems
  • Reaction based and laser timing
  • Rotation Power Development System
  • ACES – DYnamic variable resistance
  • Full Motion Capture and Feedback System 12 Camera
  • Physiological Testing

Athletic Development Equipment

  • 12 Squat Racks
  • 12 Olympic Weightlifting Platforms
  • 400m Mondo Track
  • Suspension Based Training

Sports Injury Clinic

  1. 4 NBA courts with skill development area
  2. 3 FIVB beach volleyball courts
  3. 4 NHL ice rinks
  4. 4 FIFA indoor soccer fields
  5. 5 outdoor fields
  6. 100+ hectares of outdoor trails

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FREE PARKING. Enter through the front of Scotiabank Pond. (New Entrance Coming Fall 2018)



57 CARL HALL RD, Suite 201
Inside Scoatiabank Pond
Toronto, Ontario


Weekdays (M-F) 10 – 8pm
Saturday 9 – 2pm



Session 1: 4:30 – 6:00pm
Session 2: 6:00pm – 7:30pm


Session 1: 10:00am – 11:30am
Session 2: 11:30am – 1:00pm